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Elevate your brand effortlessly using our unified platform, designed for simplicity and effectiveness.

Our comprehensive solution encompasses web, social media, programmatic, paid marketing services, research tools and marketplace.

Enhance your business’s reach with our advanced APIs, part of the most sophisticated digital marketing platform available.

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Platform Features

Platform Usage

Every Page service either being used from the Web Dashboard, Mobile or API suite gives users access to the entire tools and services.



Page Ads’ pay-as-you-go model optimizes ad spend by charging for essential usage only, eliminating unnecessary subscription-based monthly costs, making it a top choice for cost-effective advertising solutions. With this model, you only pay for what you use, on your Digital Marketing Campaigns.


The API provides connectivity to the Page API, allowing seamless integration and interaction with Page Ads tools and services.

A.I.D Engine

Ad Intelligence Database (A.I.D) is designed to eliminate the guesswork and manual labor traditionally associated with campaign optimization. Users can confidently navigate the advertising landscape, making informed decisions that lead to superior campaign performance and maximized ROI.

Cross Funnels

Pre Set-up & Connected Marketing Funnels

Page Mash Ups is a streamlined marketing funnel that connects different channels into one interface, simplifying tasks like video processing, social media management, ad campaigns, and more, to boost efficiency and engagement with just a push of a button.

Prog Cloud

 Access, Deploy and Manage over 30 Programmatic Ads platforms from one centralized platform.


Web Works

Sub-services include Page Ads/Monetizre for advertising, Page Social for one-click social media connectivity solutions, and PageSoft for custom integration needs for complex requests.

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You can manage your massive campaign through a single app.