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Ad Autopilot
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What is Ad Autopilot?

Page Ad Autopilot redefines digital marketing efficiency by offering a comprehensive automation platform that consolidates the management, optimization, and expansion of digital marketing campaigns. This powerful tool is designed to facilitate a smoother, more intuitive advertising experience, allowing you to swiftly set up, manage, optimize, and monitor campaigns across a variety of channels.

With Page Ad Autopilot, embrace the ease of coordinating efforts across web ads, programmatic marketing, paid marketing, and social media management. Our platform is engineered to enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns, providing you with the tools to make informed decisions and adapt strategies in real time. Whether you’re looking to increase reach, engage more deeply with your audience, or drive more conversions, Page Ad Autopilot is your partner in navigating the complex digital marketing landscape with confidence and precision.

World’s First Unified
Marketing Memory

In Control

Page Ad Autopilot streamlines the scaling of digital marketing campaigns with remarkable ease. It achieves this by integrating with six distinct Page Ads APIs, encompassing Web, Social, and Paid marketing channels. This comprehensive connectivity ensures that your campaigns are efficiently managed and expanded through Page Ad Autopilot. The platform’s intelligent design allows for an increased reach, ensuring that your campaigns effectively target and engage the right audience.

Integrated Services

Ad Autopilot

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Paid / Social Platforms Connected

Page Tools

Ad Autopilot
Ad Autopilot

Distribution on
Average Campaign

On a average campaign Autopilot Campaign usage based on tools and services deployed. Campaign management ratios varies depends on the industry you marketing on.

Web 58%
Social 37%
Paid 81%
Page Tools 49%

Fully Automated

At its core, Page Ad Autopilot is a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to control and monitor every aspect of your digital marketing campaigns in one place. With the dashboard, you can easily measure the performance of campaigns, keep track of spending, and determine the impact of your digital marketing efforts. Additionally, the dashboard provides a detailed analytics suite that allows you to analyze your campaigns and make necessary adjustments to optimize performance.

Cross Platform
Ad Automation

Page Ad Autopilot includes a range of automation features that allow you to automate the entire process of managing and optimizing your campaigns. From automating research to calculating the impact of campaigns, Page Ad Autopilot enables you to do everything with just a few clicks. This makes it easy to manage campaigns efficiently and maximize the return on investment.


Compare to normal campaign management: Autopilot due to constant readout of ad performance and budget spending constantly steering the whole marketing campaign.

Campaign Reaction Speed

Normal 38%
Autopilot 81%

Average Budget Savings

Normal 46%
Autopilot 91%