Automated Video Generation

Vidai+ is Ai powered Video Processing API , design for automating your video process for social media or any type of video platform. Just connect your feed or manually enter it. VIDAi+ will create a video material in matter of seconds.According to your content we have pre-selected templates ready to render.

You can customise the ratio, definition or model for custom devices.

Another key feauture you able to connect XML or RSS feeds directly into engine if your content doesn`t come from these kind of connections you can use RSS or XML convertion app`s for an easy fix.




  • 1. Motion Graphics 

  • 2. Visual Effects 

  • 3. Film & Video 

  • 4. Broadcast & Presentations 

  • 5. Animation & Motion Capture 

  • 6. Visualization & Infographics 

  • 7. Titles & Graphics 

  • 8. 3D & Virtual Reality 

  • 9. Audio & Music 

  • 10. Photography & Art


  • Custom Video Automation

  • 60 hours of video Render per month

  • Unlimited Scalability

  • Cross Connectivity with SCA API through Social Media`s.

  • 10+ Video Templates / Able to upload your template

  • Integromat , Zapier connectivity 

How It Works ?

Connect & Add Your Feed

Select Your

Video Render Starts
& Posts

In Combination With SCA & UCA

VIDAi+ especially saves you hours of video editing and content creation process if you blend with Page UCA API both system can be used from same account parameters.

Depends on your video length rendering took approximately 5-20 minutes range.

Also if you need the shout out your content in a hurry please check the Page SCA API to send and manage your content from same dashboard to all social media`s matter of seconds.

Also Combined Use Cases with other Page Services :
So you can send directly into social media or video platforms.

Also Combined Use With
Page Unified Content API – UCA 

 If you want to create your content automatically with Text and Images. 

Key Industries To Benefit From VIDAi+ Automation

  • Advertising and marketing

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Retail

  • Travel and tourism

  • Automotive

  • Banking and finance

  • Media and entertainment

  • Real estate

  • Government and public sector