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Unique Tools and Services For Your Digital Needs

What sets us apart from competitors is our commitment to formulating practical solutions for business challenges, as opposed to merely following the crowd. We approach obstacles with a ‘What if?’ mentality, ensuring that each decision maximizes profitability.


Unlock Revenue Growth for Your Business

For each business, we take a bespoke approach to developing change within the organisation, often with the common goal.

“Combination of Web, Social, Programmatic and Paid Ads. with the help of machine learning and sophisticated algorithms to grow your Business.”

Company Structure

Page OÜ- Estonia

Our company, Page OÜ, is incorporated in Tallinn, Estonia. Our subsidiary services, such as Page Social and VIDAi+, are directly affiliated with PAGE OÜ, and all rights are registered and reserved to PAGE OÜ.

As a company, we initially focused on cross-connectivity APIs. In 2020, due to high demand, we introduced an AI-based version of the Video self-editing tool, VIDAi API. In 2021, we further enhanced our offerings by introducing VIDAi+ with the option to connect directly with social media platforms.

In 2022, we expanded our reach to over 3,000 websites owned and operated by Page Ads, covering over 19 categories under the governance of Page Content API. This has provided advertisers with a secure environment to directly distribute their content to the audience. So far, we have distributed 1.3 million pieces of content to make it easier for you to find. Page Ads has the single largest network of individually owned website environments.


Our goal is to expand our network to 14,000 websites by the year 2024, covering a wide range of topics in 42 languages.


The Team

Page Ads boasts a skilled and diverse team that powers our success:

 **Software Team:**

 Our blend of in-house Backend developers, Project Managers, and remote developers delivers top-notch software solutions.

 **UI/UX Team:**

Our in-house developers focus on creating captivating interfaces and elevating user experiences.

**DevOps Team:**

Providing 24/7 maintenance services, they specialize in API-based operations, ensuring seamless functionality.

**Compliance Team:**

Responsible for corporate and retail communication, they
offer invaluable support.

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