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As Page Ads we own and operate the biggest network of website in the world.By the year 2023 we gonna reach 10.000 website possibly cover %86 of the topics around the world so the Page Ads , advertisers can benefit this network directly reaching to their customers.We have the state of the art content engine to create both real or altered content for this website environment.As a language standpoint content distrubuted over 42 languages but main operating area of the network mostly effective on 20 most used language on the world.

Penetration Levels of the network for the last statistic reached %113 that means content we created even growing organicly after being indexed over Web.

Where getting our power ? Owning and operating such a network bringed a lot of challange along the way it took 2 year to finalize the end product 14 different sub service written during the process in order to efficiently use the network but for a answer to that question covering possibly every topic on the  world happening and the incoming future events.We are not talking about trends but the such a information engine also creates the content due to  high possibility to make it reality.

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One more specific benefit of completely owned the network is simple `guest posting` and backlinks created under these websites so it can achieve instant growth over the internet. Your content can get huge traffic in under two days and can be shown to billions of people overnight. That’s what powers the Page Network.

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Fully Automated PBN Service – Based on the Keyword you given Creates the Article titles, Purchase the Domains and Deploys into Hosting you preferred.

Web Network


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