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Control every feauture in Page Ad Dashboard

You can manage your massive campaign through a single app. 

1. Automated Campaign Management Ability to set up, manage, and monitor campaigns across multiple channels including paid marketing, programmatic, and social. 2. Targeting & Segmentation Ability to target campaigns to specific audiences and segments based on data points such as demographics, interests, and location. 3. Campaign Performance Tracking Ability to track and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and ROI. 4. Audience Insights Ability to gain insights into audience behavior and interests to inform campaign strategy. 5. RealTime Reporting Ability to track and monitor campaign performance in realtime. 6. A/B Testing Ability to conduct A/B tests to optimize campaign performance. 7. Creative Management Ability to manage ad creative across channels. 8. Budget & Cost Management Ability to manage and track budget and costs associated with campaigns. 9. Automated Optimization Ability to optimize campaigns automatically based on performance data. 10. Integration with ThirdParty Platforms Ability to integrate with thirdparty platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads. 11. Automated Remarketing Ability to set up automated remarketing

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Mobile App

Pedagog Quiz App

Available For App Store and Play Store

Pedagog App – Virtual Teacher – Playtime Regulator

-You can choose how many hours to teach according the playtime 

-Three Age Categories from 3 to 13

-A virtual teacher for regulating the play time with educational material

-Wide range of educational material about the world and different topics

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Pedagog Homework App

This app provides artificial intelligence assistance for kids with their homework. It helps kids with their studies by providing answers to questions about any topic, including mathematics, geography, languages, literature, coding, and more.

Advantages and Features:
– Assistance in Every Language
– Speech to Text feature allows users to ask the question without even typing
– Answers to any questions within seconds
– Comprehensive and up-to-date content
– Answers provided by experts and verified sources
– Games to help children understand the concepts better
– Easy Interface
– AI-based assistance that can understand the user’s needs and provide the best answers
– Easy to use and understand
– Intuitive ways to learn if answers are not sufficient for the user can explain in different ways
– Ability to save and share progress

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Mobile App
Mobile App

Monte Taxi App

Completely free taxi calling with just one click! You don’t have to remember phone numbers, or stop a taxi on the street, there is no long wait on the line, it only takes a few seconds to call a taxi. Monte Taxi owns only registered taxi associations, which guarantees safety from any fraud.

Montetaxi is a mobile application providing a reliable and convenient taxi service within Montenegro. Through the app you can quickly call a taxi to get you from one place to another. The app has a predetermined grid of more than 3,000 taxi drivers offering services across the country from your location, including VIP transport with luxury vehicles for conventions, tourism and other large–scale transportation needs. Users can even plan ahead for future rides and reservations with the built–in scheduler. Montetaxi is here to save the day, giving you a ride when you need it quickly and conveniently.

-Beautiful and intuitive design for choosing the trip destination.
-Choose from a range of services available in your region.
-Keep track of your driver’s real-time location during the trip and easily contact via in app chat
-Share your experience by writing a review and rating the trip.
-Access your transaction history to keep track of your credit.
-Stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates by checking our announcements section.
-Conveniently pay for your travel with either pos machine or cash.

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