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Custom Fields

You can add your Plugins , Custom HTML, CSS, Javascript, iframes and customize the website even further.

Publish Manager

Publish Manager creates a Roadmap for publishing schedule according to the main keywords and sub-keywords reserve.

Template Manager

You can select templates from Library due to relevant content wide selection of  Ready Made WordPress Templates at your disposal. 

Improved WP Cache Speed boost your Quickblog SEO levels even more

Image API

Relevant Images will be found online according to your article and added on the article.

Object Storage fully integrated for all types of Image format including jpeg, png, webp


Sub Categories are created automatically according to your keywords also preferred language for each keyword will be written in that language.


Three security parameters Page CMS Firewall, Cloudflare, and Human verification can be added according to preferences.



Marketing Modules for both Advertising and Monetization can be added to the Website. Page Ads and Page Business comes default with Website.

Video API

Page VIDAi+ is also compatible with QuickBlog this means and feed you connect or entered manually Automatically turns into Videos for your Website.


Deployed Websites adjusted by theme manager for Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet dimension for great dimensional orientation.


The moment the new website is deployed Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, and Bing Analytics will automatically add into those services.

Custom Fields

You can add your Plugins , Custom HTML, CSS, Javascript, iframes and customize the website even further.


Sitemap generated and optimized for SEO also send same moment deployment is done.


Site`s can be deployed in any language possible also if you want to create articles with using other language as an exception you can do that to (Example: Write an article for beneficios de la dieta baja en carbohidratos)


Backbone, users can easily connect their websites to the exchange platform and enjoy the benefits of gaining relevant and high-quality articles. Our powerful engine matches each article based on its content and category, ensuring that you receive posts that align perfectly with your website’s niche and interests.

Notional Keyword Finder

  • Autoblog Generator
  • According to Keywords you entered Relative Topics being listed in Headlines section
  • After Headlines Generated you choose QuickBlog searches Web for Relevant Sub Keywords for traffic generation.

A.I.D & Keyword Research

  • One of the key offerings of Page Labs is the Ad Intelligence Database, which is a continuously updated database containing metrics and insights on various advertising campaigns.
  • This allows Page users to optimize their ads and achieve more effective campaign results, without wasting time on manual optimization.

Contextual Keyword

1. Ability to research and identify relevant topics to write about

2. Knowledge of SEO principles and techniques to create optimized content

3. Excellent writing skills and the ability to create compelling, engaging content

4. Experience using content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Drupal

5. Ability to work with multiple stakeholders to ensure content is on brand and relevant

6. Ability to track content performance metrics and make necessary adjustments

7. Familiarity with content marketing strategies and tactics

8. Strong project management and organizational skills

9. Ability to collaborate with other members of the content team

10. Aptitude for staying up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in content creation