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Page Task Cloud revolutionizes the way task websites operate by providing owners with an automated solution to integrate a wide array of tasks directly onto their platforms. This streamlined process ensures that doers — the dedicated users who complete tasks — have immediate access to a diverse selection of tasks. From enhancing website engagement and boosting social media presence to improving app store rankings and generating insightful comments and reviews, our platform covers an extensive range of categories.



Page Task Cloud is an online marketplace that simplifies the exchange of tasks between task website owners and task doers. Page Task Cloud makes it easy to add new tasks to your website automatically and helps you find dozens of potential tasks from eight different categories.

Page Task Cloud operates as a dynamic online marketplace, streamlining the exchange of tasks between website owners and doers. This platform simplifies the process for task website owners to automatically integrate a variety of new tasks directly onto their sites. Simultaneously, it provides doers with easy access to a broad spectrum of task categories. These range from website engagement and social media enhancement to app store ranking, content creation, and more, ensuring a rich and diverse pool of opportunities.

To enhance the reliability and security of transactions, Page Task Cloud incorporates an Escrow system. This feature safeguards payments, ensuring that funds are only released when tasks are completed satisfactorily and within the agreed timeframe. Should a task not meet these criteria, the Escrow system ensures that funds are returned appropriately, providing peace of mind and financial security to all parties involved.

Furthermore, Page Task Cloud offers robust filtering capabilities, allowing users to tailor their experience based on specific criteria such as region, age, and language. Task websites benefit from the ability to categorize and select tasks that align with their audience’s preferences and requirements. This level of customization ensures that website owners can enhance their sites with relevant tasks, while doers can engage in activities that match their skills and interests, all within a framework that prioritizes timely and fair compensation.

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Benefits for Webmasters

Auto Task Adder

Task Cloud is a revolutionary service that automates the process of adding new tasks to your website. With its Auto Task Adder feature, you can add dozens of new tasks to your website in just a few clicks. Not only will this save you time and hassle, but you can rest assured knowing all your tasks are online and available all the time. Task Cloud helps make sure all your tasks are always posted automatically, keeping your task website uptodate and your users engaged. So you can sit back and let Task Cloud do the hard work for you.

Escrow Transfer

Not only can you add tasks to your website quickly and easily with Page Task Cloud, you can also enjoy the added benefit of being able to use its escrow system. Have the peace of mind knowing that when you offer tasks to users, if it’s not completed within the designated timeframe, the remaining amount will be deposited directly to your Page Wallet.

Task Customization

Task customization feature on Task Cloud allows task website owners to easily preselect the categories they would like to add to their websites. For example, if you are a website specializing in customer service tasks you can preselect theComment & review andTraining tasks categories so that new tasks in these categories are automatically added to your website. Moreover, you can set the order in which you want to send your tasks to the Task Cloud, and have the tasks from one category matched with the first set category from the pool of eight categories across other task websites. This way, you can provide customised tasks to your website as per your requirement. With Task customization feature, website owners can better manage their task pools, thus providing a better user experience for doers.


What is a Page Task Cloud?

You know, it’s an online market that connects different webtasks and varieties of tasks with your sites in real-time.

How does the Auto Task Adder feature function?

What does the Auto Task Adder do for you?

The Auto Task Adders lets add dozens of new tasks to your website in just a few clicks keeping both your task site fresh, and users coming back.

What is the Escrow system?

All payments are kept safe via automatic escrow – you only release funds if and when the job is complete, clean, within time frame.

Are the tasks on my site fully customizable?

Yes, by using the Task Customization feature you can choose which types of tasks that correspond with your website are prioritized and then be sent to Task Cloud.

What kind of tasks can I put on my website?

From website engagement and social media improvement to ASO, Content Creation… A

Filtering: So How does Filtering Capabilities Work?

What types of filters are there?

Filters have a robust set and can filter based on region, age, language etc.

What types of payment are accepted?

Payment will be done through Escrow and complete a safe, secure manner at fair pay every time.

Do people work in remote data entry jobs?

These jobs can be found on the numerous task websites and work boards. Also directly from Task Cloud Dashboard.

How can I get my customer service remote work on Task Cloud?

Here is the answer to Task Cloud Project : Yes, customer service tasks can be done from home with task cloud.

Are there available Amazon remote jobs?

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What are the List of work from home jobs?

Login to Page Ads Dashboard to check available jobs.

Go to task websites, job boards or other platforms like Page Task Cloud where you get list of work from home jobs.

Why would a task website using Page Task Cloud?

To automate task addition, payment security in Escrow purchase and customized tasks to manage your site better and engaging additional users.