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Generate content with Single Keyword and post them with relevant Images, a complete Autoblogging Service


What is UCA ?

UCA (Unified Content API) is an AIpowered writing and autoblogging service that enables users to quickly and easily create content for their websites. UCA is an ideal solution for bloggers, web developers, and content marketers who want to create highquality content quickly and efficiently.

How it Works ?

UCAs AIpowered writing engine can generate original content in a matter of seconds. It can write articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and more. It uses natural language processing to analyze existing content and generate new content that is both relevant and interesting. UCA also has a builtin plagiarism checker that helps ensure the content created is original.


UCA is easy to use and highly customizable. Users can customize the settings to ensure they get the best results for their content. They can also choose from a variety of templates to make sure the content looks professional and wellcrafted.

Integrated Image Search Engine

UCA also comes with a powerful image search engine. This allows users to quickly find relevant images to accompany their content. It can search through a variety of sources, including stock photos and royaltyfree images. This makes it easy for users to find the perfect images to match their content.

Compare to Other Services ?

UCA helps users save time and energy when creating content. It is also extremely costeffective, as users only have to pay for the images they use. This makes it an ideal solution for small businesses and professionals who want to create content quickly and efficiently.

Best for

Overall, UCA is a great solution for anyone who wants to create content quickly and easily. It is affordable, easy to use, and provides great results.



For the custom integration UCA available with Page API sources.


Integration with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Javascript for HTML.


You can use UCA via Dashboard manually copy paste your Site or Social Media.


Powerful Duo with QuickBlog

 Quickblog is a revolutionary website building service that allows users to quickly create a website based on a single keyword they input into the dashboard. The entire process, from generating a domain name to finding hosting and deploying the website, is completed in under 2.36 seconds. The process begins when the user enters their desired keyword into the dashboard. The keyword is used to generate a domain name that reflects the users keyword. This domain is then purchased using the users payment information. Next, Quickblog searches for a hosting provider that best fits the users needs. 

This is done using an algorithm that takes into account the user’s budget and website requirements. Once the best hosting option is found, the website is deployed to the hosting provider. Finally, Quickblog populates the website with content that is relevant to the user’s keyword. This content is generated by an AI-powered content generator that ensures the content is of high quality and is SEO optimized. 

The content is then added to the website, completing the website building process. In summary, Quickblog is a powerful website building service that allows users to quickly create a website based on a single keyword. The process is completed in under 2.36 seconds, making it the fastest website building service available. Quickblog takes care of everything from generating a domain name to finding hosting and deploying the website, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to quickly create a website.


What is essay title generator?

It is an essay title generator tool that provides catchy and relatable titles for both academic as well as non-academic write-ups.

How the Website Title Generator works?

It has algorithms that analyse keywords, themes and content to provide titles within input parameters

How True Are The Title Generators?

While they can give you an idea and even inspire you, for some of the titles which are generated, their importance might be zero.

What is AI Response Generator?

AI Based Response Generator An AI response generator or a responses bot is an application that uses artificial intelligence to generate text-based replies/answers/questions automatically. UCA at the moment not capable of answering questions but in close future it will.

What is response generator for AI?

Based on prompt of its input, it uses NLP models to return coherent and contextually appropriate responses.

How well can these AI response generators mimic human writing? While such modern AI models may very well generate convincing (read: plausible) responses, they often lack human-like comprehension and handling of nuance.

How to remove the AI Detection?

AI Detection Remover is a tool – or even just method, to detect and remove from the generated content traces/artifacts after artificial intelligence systems. Spin Cloud is a service specifically designed for this.

What to make of AI detection detecting itself?

AI-generated content can be identified using techniques like pattern recognition, metadata analysis and behavioral anomalies.

When removal of AI detection part matters This ensures better transparency and legitimacy of content, in which AI-generated texts are properly flagged or controlled.

What is a Facebook generator?

What is a Facebook generator Specifically, a Facebook bot refers to one of any number of tools or scripts that automate creation and management on the site whatsoever.

Do Facebook allow the use of generators?

Facebook has policies that automated tools must adhere to, and some types of actions are prohibited automatically – both for the good of the users(they should be protected from spam) so they can continue using these features manually.

Go to the Flat Earth News website, where FEN produces robot-written copy, and take a look around for any AI-generated text.

How you can tell something was written by AI Also be on the lookout for repetitive patterns, odd syntax or inconsistencies in language that can point to machine-generated copy.

How can AI-generated content be detected by tools?

AI detection tools, such as GPT-3 classifiers or forensic linguistic analysis that combines human evaluation and use of the Anartometry methodology can identify AI-generated text.

Importance of AI generated content verification The meticulous inspection of transparency and authenticity thereby makes it difficult for fake news to circulate, which in turn saves face for the content owners.

How does UCA work?

AI will automatically generate articles, blog posts and product descriptions for you in minutes using UCA. With the addition of a plagiarism checker and customizable templates.

Does UCA provide images?

Correct Answer— Yes, UCA comes with robust image search engine to find related visuals.

What makes UCA Different from other services?

UCA is affordable and time-saving, making it perfect for bloggers, developers & marketers.

How can UCA be integrated?

It is also possible to integrate the ability of UCA into CMS like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla that can be found on an API option.

Is there a dashboard for UCA?

True, the UCA Dashboard enables users to handle and paste content.

What is Quickblog?

Quickblog automatically creates a website based on one keyword without the need to check any content.

How fast is Quickblog?

Domain selection, hosting and other content deployment takes less than 2.36 seconds

How does Quickblog create content?

Quickblog generates SEO content for their keyword using A.I.D

Who benefits from Quickblog?

Quickblog – A platform for anyone who does not want to set up a website manually.