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Discover the future of email campaigns with Envelope by Page Ads – a groundbreaking Private Marketing Email Server service. Experience the simplicity of launching your own private mail server with just a single click. Envelope is designed to transform your email marketing strategy, offering a spam-free environment, unparalleled control, and extensive customization options. Elevate your outreach and connect with your audience more effectively than ever before. Welcome to a new era of email marketing, where control, clarity, and customization converge.

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How It Works ?


Purchase Domain

Purchase Domain with One Click: Envelope simplifies the process of getting started by enabling users to acquire their domain swiftly, ensuring a seamless transition to the next steps.

Deploy Server

Effortless Email Server Deployment: In a matter of seconds, Envelope’s service deploys a private email server, eliminating the complexities typically associated with setting up and configuring mail servers.


Add Contacts & Content

Email Preparation & Management: Users can easily add their email lists and craft compelling email content, streamlining the preparation phase for any marketing campaign.

Start Sending Emails

Instant Marketing Campaign Launch: Once DNS propagation is completed, marketing campaigns can be initiated immediately, allowing for swift and effective communication with the target audience.


Track Metrics & Re-Engage

Envelope provides robust analytics tools to track essential metrics such as bounce rates and click-through rates (CTR). Armed with these insights, users can optimize their campaigns and re-engage effectively, ensuring maximum impact and relevance.

Data Scraper Integrated

Scraper tools give the user the opportunity Scrape information from web and other services for more interaction.


Main Features

Private Domain

Establish a distinctive online presence with a private domain, reinforcing brand identity and instilling confidence in your recipients.

No Contact List Limit

Envelope liberates users from the constraints of contact list limitations, providing the flexibility to engage with any size audience without restrictions.

Pay As You Go

Pay-as-You-Go Pricing: Envelope offers flexibility and transparency, letting users pay only for the services they use, distinguishing it from other marketing mail services.

Sub Features

Unlimited Sub Email

Enjoy the flexibility of creating an unlimited number of sub-emails, tailoring your campaigns for specific segments or purposes without any limitations.

Custom IP

Private IP: Ensure the privacy and security of your email communications with a dedicated private IP, safeguarding your reputation and minimizing the risk of being marked as spam.

Custom Email Extension

Envelope empowers users to personalize their email addresses with custom extensions, adding a professional touch to their communication.