Micro Services

Page Hosting

For Quickblog , Quicksite and for other Services which requires a Server to operate Page Hosting integrated with CMS. It gives to flexibility to Deploy the Server in a matter of seconds.

Scraper Tools

Scraper tools give the user the opportunity Scrape information from web and other services for more interaction.

Traffic Redirect

Traffic Redirect gives users the ability to redirect a single link into multiple links acting as a traffic hub for incoming traffic. Flexibility of custom triggers and percentage options of distribution of traffic.

Backlink Gateway

You can purchase backlinks directly from the marketplace. Fully automated backlink purchase and integrated Topical Authority Mapping.

Data Scraper

Page Data Scraper allows users to scrape Data from various sources. Easy interface and Extremely fast scraping speed.

Spin Cloud

AI Detector

Spin Detection Algorithm Updates In Every 24 Hours

* Final Results Not Indicates Certain Percentages Likely AI Written Content
** Reason is AI`s having a hard time recognize Textual Patterns due to Different Contents
*** Page Detector is taking average value from different vendors and eliminates additional Patterns

Domain Redirect

Integrated Domain Redirection Service with additional services like Domain Parking and fully automated features.

Object Storage

Object storage provides online storage for users and fully integrated with Page Services .