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A.I.D SERS Module Ensure the Lowest Spam Score with Drip-Feed Emailing and Constant Monitoring implemented for Envelope Private Marketing Mail Server.

With SERS Module your Marketing Mail campaign will successfully complete with minimum deliverability issues.

A.I.D Bridge

The A.I.D Bridge is an innovative interface by Page Labs, linking existing AI systems with A.I.D (Ad Intelligence Database). It allows for seamless communication, empowering AI to autonomously deploy campaigns and make intuitive marketing decisions without coding.

  1. A.I.D Bridge Connection: Ensure your AI establishes a connection with the A.I.D Bridge to comprehend the full capability of the Ad Autopilot suite provided by A.I.D. This involves reading the value set generated by A.I.D. This will help your AI to communicate effectively based on the needs of your marketing efforts.

  2. Exchange Information: The A.I.D Bridge facilitates the exchange of information between your AI and A.I.D. Ensure that this exchange respects privacy and limitations based on user preferences.

  3. Value Set Integration: A.I.D provides a specific value set built to be understood by any AI system. This value set helps your AI understand and utilize the full capability of the Ad Autopilot suite. Introduce this value set file to your AI to initiate the integration process.

  4. Requests and Communication: Once the value set is integrated, A.I.D will start sending requests to understand your AI’s capabilities better. Your AI should respond to these requests effectively to facilitate communication between the two systems.

  5. Automation Decision: Finally, you’ll need to decide which marketing processes you want to automate. You can either choose to control the process manually or give your AI full authority to manage the entire marketing process autonomously.


Connected Channels

Page AID represents a transformative solution in the digital marketing space, addressing the critical challenges of budget optimization and campaign management across programmatic and paid ad networks. At its core, Page AID utilizes a sophisticated Ad Intelligence Database, which is continuously enhanced with the latest market data and trends. This powerful tool does not rely on individual advertiser data but rather on a broad spectrum of aggregated industry insights, ensuring privacy and relevance. 

Our Ad Intelligence Database is a testament to our commitment to innovation, featuring over 3,967 sectors including niche, retail, and service industries, all categorized by keywords, regions, and languages. This extensive and ever-evolving database empowers our users with the ability to fine-tune their advertising strategies, leveraging real-time insights for more effective and efficient campaigns. By utilizing advanced machine learning techniques and AI, Page AID ensures that your campaigns are not only optimized for the best bidding and regional impact but are also aligned with the latest market dynamics.

Page AID is more than just a tool; it’s a part of Page Labs’ ongoing mission to revolutionize digital advertising. Our Ad Intelligence Database is designed to eliminate the guesswork and manual labor traditionally associated with campaign optimization. Users can confidently navigate the advertising landscape, making informed decisions that lead to superior campaign performance and maximized ROI. With Page AID, embrace the future of advertising, where data-driven decisions and market agility lead to unmatched success.



Standart Campaign Management


With A.I.D Campaign Management

The AID system is a versatile component of our digital marketing platform, designed to enhance both paid and programmatic marketing strategies. It seamlessly integrates with our suite of tools to also bolster web and social media marketing campaigns. By leveraging the AID system, users can ensure their marketing efforts are more cohesive, targeted, and effective across various channels.

Currently, the AID system is connected with five major ad networks, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter (X), YouTube, and LinkedIn. This wide network allows for extensive reach and diverse advertising opportunities. Additionally, it is integrated with 32 leading Programmatic Marketing Companies, such as Zeropark, Pushground, and EVADAV, among others. This extensive collaboration enables a broad spectrum of advertising techniques and strategies to be employed, ensuring that campaigns are as effective as possible.

To further amplify campaign performance, 11 of our proprietary tools are integrated with the AID system. This integration is designed to optimize overall outcomes and provide robust support for ad campaigns across all platforms. The AID database is a dynamic component of this system, undergoing updates every 6 hours to ensure that all strategies are informed by the most current and relevant data. This frequent updating schedule allows for rapid response to market changes and continuous improvement of campaign performance.

A.I.D Engine

The AID Engine is at the heart of campaign optimization, utilizing a sophisticated metrics system to continually refine and enhance advertising strategies. It operates on a principle of mutual enhancement: as campaigns become more effective, they, in turn, refine the engine’s capabilities. This dynamic relationship ensures that each campaign is more successful than the last, leveraging cross-advertising network information to maximize impact across all platforms.

At its core, the AID Engine is designed for efficiency and effectiveness. It utilizes a comprehensive database of previously optimized campaigns, allowing for cost optimization to begin even before a new marketing campaign is launched. On average, users can expect to save between 5-21% on their campaigns due to this preemptive optimization. Once a campaign is deployed, the AID Engine continues to work, dynamically adjusting budget allocations and managing campaigns to ensure optimal performance.

Originally developed as part of the Ad Autopilot system by Page Labs, the AID Engine was conceived to integrate web, paid, and social media marketing tools under one cohesive system, supervised and continually enhanced by real-time data. Its success led to AID becoming a separate entity, now managed by the dedicated Ad Autopilot Team. This evolution marks AID’s transition from a component to a standalone powerhouse, driving forward the efficiency and effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns with its advanced, data-driven approach.



Ad Intelligence Database: A continuously updated database that includes comprehensive information on various advertising campaign metrics and insights. This feature allows users to optimize their ads for better campaign results.

Intelligent Cross-Network Synthesis: AID harnesses the power of machine learning and AI to intelligently synthesize information across multiple advertising networks. When you choose to advertise using AID, it employs this synthesized data to strategically inform your campaigns, ensuring they have the most effective reach and impact.

Initial Budget & Campaign Optimization: AID optimizes your budget before your advertising campaign even commences, providing an average cost-saving of 5-21%. This prevents wastage of time and money on manual optimization or waiting to optimize in a bidding system.

Compatible with Multiple Advertising Platforms: The AID system has so far worked with 5 ad networks such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and 32 programmatic marketing companies like Zeropark, Pushground, EVADAV, and more.

Integration with Page Tools: AID system integrates with other Page tools to optimize Web or Social Media relevant Marketing Campaigns. AID remembers the last optimal entry for the campaign.

Frequent Updates: The AID database updates every 6 hours, ensuring that you have the most recent data at your fingertips to make informed decisions.

Ad Autopilot - A.I.D Powered


AID Evolution - Pioneering Smart Advertising

The inception of AID was marked by a visionary approach from the innovative team at Page Labs, initially as a core component of their Ad Autopilot system. The team identified the necessity for a centralized, intelligent database to aggregate and analyze advertising campaign data. This system was designed to harness this vast pool of information to assist advertisers in optimizing their campaigns for enhanced effectiveness and efficiency, thereby achieving significant cost savings even before campaigns commence.

As the utility and potential of this centralized intelligence became evident, AID evolved into a standalone system, meticulously managed and continually enhanced by the Ad Autopilot Team. The cornerstone of AID’s functionality is its sophisticated use of machine learning—a branch of artificial intelligence that employs statistical techniques to enable systems to learn from data and improve over time autonomously. This technology is crucial for digesting the extensive data influx from diverse campaigns and industries, transforming it into actionable insights.

Machine learning algorithms within AID tirelessly work to identify patterns and learn from historical campaign data. They predict optimal ad strategies tailored to specific audiences, platforms, and sectors, refining these predictions as more data is integrated into the system. This continuous learning process enhances AID’s predictive accuracy and operational efficiency, setting it apart from other systems.

AID transcends traditional ad dispatch systems by not only deploying ads but also by learning from past campaigns, forecasting future trends, and dynamically optimizing ads for real-time relevance and impact. The result is a system that delivers advertising solutions that are not only faster and smarter but also more cost-effective, driving the frontier of data-driven advertising.