Customizing an email to make it more relevant to the individual recipient. Basic idea is giving information shortest and simple as possible what you try to say. Cause Email reading attention span is less than 3 seconds, so you need to catch the users attention right away.

How to personalize the E-mail Campaign?

  • Use Their Name: Start emails with the recipient’s first name, this bring more attention in the first glance. User would thought E-mail related to him or his daily life.
  • Tailor Content: Send different emails based on what people like or have done, or likely to do.
  • Recommend Just for Them: Suggest products or articles they’ll love.
  • Custom Greetings: Change parts of your email to fit each person please check here for suitable greeting or for frequency needs to be sent over
  • Trigger Emails: Send messages based on actions like abandoning a cart or browsing or holidays etc.


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