Dividing an email list into smaller groups based on specific criteria.

Here are the recommendations for your targeted Email Campaign:

Segmentation Criterion Description Potential Benefits
Demographics Based on age, gender, income, education. Targeted messaging, higher engagement.
Geographic Location Based on city, state, country. Location-specific offers, relevant content.
Behavioral Based on user actions. Personalized content, higher conversions.
Psychographic Based on lifestyle, interests, values. Deeply personalized content, loyal customers.
Engagement Level Based on email interaction. Re-engagement, targeted follow-ups.
Purchase History Based on past purchases. Upselling, cross-selling.
Email Preferences Based on content and frequency choices. Higher open rates, fewer unsubscribes.
Customer Journey Stage Based on sales funnel stage. Relevant content, better conversions.
Job Role/Industry Based on profession or industry. Relevant B2B content, higher relevance.
Lifecycle Stage Based on customer lifecycle. Tailored onboarding, reactivation.

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