Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Systems and processes for managing a company’s interactions with current and potential customers also secondary connection as payment, digital marketing,  delivery system, accounting and any part of business connected to automation relevant sources.

When it comes to Digital Marketing definition of CRM changes cause most tools analysis metrics from existing customer base or from newly generated leads but have the capability of generating and managing kind a system only Page Ads offers with AD-Autopilot, thanks to A.I.D Engine.

ad autopilot campaign types

AD Autopilot

A.I.D (Ad Intelligence Database) retrieving metrics from CRM, Inner Flows or Directly with API to generate metrics for all digital marketing channels and have the capability of Deploying Campaign also. That is makes it unique compare to other tools online.

A.I.D Includes Email Marketing also with Envelope Service offering built in `Private Email Marketing Server` also fully automated thanks to A.I.D

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