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We will update this list on regular basis so you can up to date with current checklist.

Currently working SEO methods at 2024 July

I want to SEO myself but I don`t know where to start?

SEO have a long history since the first Search Engines born more specifically Google born. And like any other thing evolved overtime, this evolution on Search Engine Results getting better and better makes for SEO professional everything more difficult cause they job also evolved to present best information on their site possible. But basic fundamentals didn`t changed in your website

  • Quality Content (Answer what your user looking for in best possible way.)
  • Make your website easy to navigate and fast
  • Target wide range of closely relevant keywords so you can drive traffic into your site.So we gonna cover the Entire Spectrum of Digital Marketing Channels and Relative Ranking Factors so when you full read it you will understand, what you gonna in one shot.

SEO Ranking Factors

I will explain these piece by piece and how to build and manage these SEO Marketing Methods in a minute but first lets cover what are the common mistakes people make in their SEO efforts.

  • S  Digital PR
  • A  Guest Posts, HARO, Link Insertions
  • B  Image Outreach, Link Exchanges, PBNs, Citations
  • C  Link Bait Articles, Expert Roundups
  • D  Skyscraper, Broken Link Building, Unlinked Mentions, Infographics, Press Releases
  • E  Blog Comments, Web 2.0, Forum Links, Profile Links, Automated LinksWe will expand these subjects piece by piece.

What is the common misconceptions about SEO today?

Ai written content alone is enough to get ranked?

It definitely not Google and other search engines get super smart in 2024 so generating content only with Ai. Also infographic images not enough anymore you need rich content like a video explanations so people can spend more time and digest faster the information you provide.

Getting bunch of links will help you get ranked?

Not actually getting high DR (Domain Rating) or DA (Domain Authority) links from well established sites helps you ranked. Also traffic of those sites nothing to with your sites ranking. This changed also this year with Core Update and Link Spam Update from Google. Link building in this matter needs to come from authoritative websites but most importantly.

Recommended Link Building is:

In first stage get backlinks from High Volume – High Relevance sites.

What type of links considered High Volume and High Relevance?

Link Building Method Effectiveness Percentage
Guest Posting 75%
Link Insertion 60%
Link Exchanges 50%

after you pick up some pace.
In second stage get backlinks from Low Relevance – High Authority sites.

Link Building Method Effectiveness Percentage
Digital PR 85%

Writing lots of different articles help you achieve Topical Authority?

No it`s not actually writing one long article also known as mega guide helps you get rank higher. Reason why having the same type of content over and over in different article`s Google not know which one to rank so it cause de-ranking issues also de-indexing issues.

Adding bunch of keywords helps me get ranked?

It helps you getting recognized but other common misconception and practice people does writing those keywords in a super hard crawl depth meaning, Google having a hard time to find that keyword so make sure keywords needs to be in relative page you want to promote.

Also same principle goes for Folder Depth or Chain Redirect, when you put your needed content deeper, Google needs to spend more of your precious Crawl Rate Limit and it took more time consuming most importantly it`s a bad SEO cause users needs to surf more in order to reach the information, in short keep it simple.

Focusing a Niche Keyword helps me get ranked easier?

For less competition and less keyword difficulty answer is yes. But here is common mistake also being done. Instead of focusing macro niche in the beginning, you start with micro niche keyword. Reason is if you don`t get enough traffic from your macro niche site you can always change focus on niche keyword and this is much more logical, not to limit yourself a specific keyword also increase the chance of getting volume from the macro niche to micro niche but if you do vice versa its super hard to convert.

So if you gonna purchase a domain make sure refers to macro niche keyword like travellers guide to… instead of mykonos travel guide…

Hint: Age of links is also a factor for Search Engines meaning expired domains also a good alternative to start on Macro Niche Domains.

Getting Links from relative Category makes my Site more Authoritative?

Getting links from relative category of your website (DIY, how to, finance etc.) needed in the beginning but afterwards you need to expand your link building game. You need to get links from other categories also this way Google recognize your content more attractive even for other categories are interested in your content.

For Topical Authority do I have to cover every longtail questions?

Even if you want to do it a simple keyword like toyota windshield viper you need to write at least 300 different articles as I mention before it`s not necessary. What im suggest is much more simple just cover the main ones as a FAQ`s so this way you don`t have to wrote entire topic from beginning. In that article just cover the main goal of explaining if it`s a service how its delivered and if its a product pros and cons etc.

Lets see the other side of the fence which is Google : How Google decides to rank your website? relative to this content even if you achieved a topical authority it doesn`t effect much of your ranking reason is every Crawl from Google has a cost so Google won`t do frequent updates everyday lets call it, when they decide to do whole scan of web ? Core Updates of course instead of scanning daily in couple of months Google change ranking of the Websites some of them Rank Higher and some of them Rank Lower on Google as a result.

I did everything in SEO but my competitors still ahead of me on Google Results?

You maybe wrote the best and helpful content, best information, best images etc. but you missing the point since you competing with other sites they have a high chance to started before you in that content and that gives an advantage when it comes to SEO. As I mentioned above even the year of Domain Registration effects the outcome.  But did you check and compare what`s missing with your competition?

What to check on my competing website?

In order to beat the competition first you need to reach it ! so underneath what you need to check on your competing websites and what to copy from them explained.

SEO Checklist – Currently Working Methods

Google Reviews & Trustpilot

Trust Signal (Directories & Reviews)

Basically general online presence and Trust they generate as a website try to get from same sources like Google Reviews and TrustPilot. Google even integrated in the search results about Reviews so it`s a major factor for ranking.

About Pages

How they described their business or website, basically which solution they generate, emulate that information and try to make yours in unique way.

Common Links (Referring Links)

From which websites they are getting backlinks and start getting there too. Also build additional from high authority sites. Remember You only get Link from Article`s , Google de-values or not consider Press Release tags anymore longer after March 2024 update so don`t waste your money.

Trending Information

Make sure check Google Trends (Main Category) or Web in general to find latest information on what is trending at the moment. Many people miss that opportunity to get insane amount of traffic. Cause Google loves fresh news and give authority and traffic right away to your site. No wonder all that big sites covers the same breaking news in a hurry.

For instance at the moment Ai (Artificial Intelligence) is the hot topic and check from below what is trending if you writing a content with Ai relative you need the use those trends.

As you can trending topics for Ai : Ai Game Generator, Deep Dream Generator, Ai Voice Generator etc. so if you focused on Macro Niche (Ai) you can write content and get sweet traffic from trends also.
SEO Checklist – Currently Working Methods

Some of the Pages in my Website not getting any Traffic or Impression?

Google wants their users to find information they looking easily, but if your website doesn`t provide them either proper information that`s basically the reason for lack of traffic.

Two things could cause that issue either your site has thin content or not providing answer what users seek for. Eventually readers left your site immediately and Google recognize this as a reason for devaluation. Like in this article you can highlight the answers and show your readers right away. S

So instead of thin content you need to give your reader helpful content.

Thin content is low-quality content that offers little to no value to the reader, often lacking depth, originality, or usefulness.

Helpful content is high-quality content that provides valuable, informative, and engaging information that meets the needs and interests of the reader.

Also don`t put important description away from your Webpage show everything in one place so reader can extract much information as possible.

Another important aspect is Article Length which explained below ideal lengths, of course it depends on the seo strategy there is not absolute certain in article writing important thing is are you giving the information which your users looking for?

Article Type Suitable Length Range
Blog Posts 800 – 1,500 words
In-depth Articles 1,500 – 2,500 words
Ultimate Guides or Pillar Pages 2,500 – 5,000+ words
Product or Service Pages 500 – 1,000 words
Landing Pages 500 – 1,500 words

I covered every aspect of my Keyword but still not achieved Topical Authority?

You probably covered long tail keywords and relative questions find on Tools like Semrush or Ahrefs but you missing the point best way to SEO how you actually looking for that answer. Imagine you are looking for a something but you don`t know how is actually being called in the first place right? if you do you find what you looking for in your first search. But reality it took more than few searches you ended up what you looking for. So write your content in a way how a person would search this way you generate great anchor texts and users ending up in your site in first try which Google values your site as `helpful content`.

How much content do I need to put on my Website?

It`s not the question of how much but it`s the matter of what type and what quality should be. This is also a super common mistake if your website is about product review expected thing from users and Search Engines your keyword needs to be commercial content right? that makes sense. But instead of commercial if you adding content with informational that cause a massive problem cause your sites intent just changed and you wondering what is the problem and no traffic coming in.

Recommended Percentage for Commercial and Informational Contents are listed in chart

Type of Website Informational (%) Navigational (%) Commercial (%) Transactional (%) Notes
Blog 80% 10% 5% 5% Engaging info.
E-commerce 40% 10% 20% 30% Products and sales.
Corporate 60% 20% 10% 10% Info and services.
News/Media 90% 5% 3% 2% Mostly news.
Educational 95% 3% 1% 1% Educational content.
Healthcare 85% 10% 3% 2% Health info.
Real Estate 50% 20% 15% 15% Listings and insights.
Travel 70% 10% 10% 10% Info and promos.
Nonprofit 90% 5% 3% 2% Mission updates.

SEO Ranking Factors

Digital PR

What is Digital PR in SEO Marketing?

Digital PR (Digital Public Relations) in SEO marketing is a strategy used to enhance a brand’s online presence and visibility (Google Search Results) through online channels. It involves creating and promoting content that earns high-quality backlinks, increases brand awareness, and impressions thus drives organic traffic to your website.

It is quite a effective strategy cause you basically buying time with this authoritative sites referring your site normally from a normal SEO process took at least 6 months to a year but with Digital PR took less than a month to drive traffic to your site.

Do I really need Digital PR in my SEO strategy?

Depends on your business model on your site. Basic idea is if your site offers commercial products or services most definitely yes! but if you focused on content marketing not so much here is the table and effectiveness based on Website intent.

Business/Website Type Effectiveness Percentage
E-commerce High (80%)
Tech Startups High (75%)
Content Publishers High (85%)
Service Providers Medium (65%)
B2B Companies High (70%)
Influencers/Personal Brands Medium (60%)
Personal Blogging Medium (55%)

Digital PR packages are so expensive is it gonna worth it?

It depends on which site you are getting your links and publicity. If you getting from a website organic traffic of  million visit it is gonna worth it, unless they put your Publicity Article buried in a site no one can find! it will not. Most likely your PR Article will published on a News Website for a short period of time you gonna get a traffic but very soon it will disappear why? cause literally every minute a new news post entering a site so you ended up a Backlink eventually keep in mind what you looking for in Digital PR good backlink from a authoritative website at least DR 90+ .

From which Websites should  I get Digital PR?

Only one criteria to check there is the website getting it`s traffic from organic search or direct and social traffic. What you need to focus is getting from Organic Traffic. For very simple reason you doing an SEO work and looking for a people who does organic search. Direct and Social traffic only good for marketing efforts needs a huge traffic like affiliate marketing and so forth.

What should be the ideal price for Digital PR campaign?

At the moment July 2024 price average is 150-300 USD from an authoritative website with organic search traffic. There are some more expensive options up to 4.000 USD. But keep in mind from a digital PR package you should expect a good backlink instead of direct traffic.

Guest Posting

What is Guest Posting?

A guest post, is when someone writes and publishes a blog article on the site of another person. A method for writers to publish and share their ideas with a wider audience as well aimed at website owners who work on the web. It’s akin to being asked to speak at someone else’s event – gets your message in front of new, connected fans (which truly is half the battle!) rest is find the right audience not every guest post effort reach is goals.

Another benefit is exchanging links between sites this assures two things both sites increases the Domain Authority and relevant Page Authority + Backlinks from same category authoritative site brings you more traffic. Just make sure when you choosing a guest post website to exchange links you about to same level in Domain Authority if you giving links to low authority site that`s a bad deal cause counterpart is the one get benefited not you.

Where can I get Guest Posts?

For starters don`t get from Linkedin, so called outreach specialists try to sell you bad guest post sites they referring getting their rank with Black Hat SEO techniques so it`s has not an actual effects.

Don`t get also from your Email Inbox 🙂 meaning those promo Email`s they also super bad for your SEO and in the long run it will de-rank your site on Google Search Results.

When it comes to where to get ? Collaborator and ICopify is good option.

What should be Guest Post costs?

Starting DR 30+ – 50 USD Average
DR 80+ – 100-2000 USD Average

What should I look for in Good Guest Post?

Organic Traffic must be more than %70
Relevant Category with your sites topic is a must in the beginning afterwards you can get Guest Post from Other Categories (After first 30 posts on your site – Overall)
Make sure check the metrics from Tools like Semrush or Ahrefs for free to sellers data match with proposed ones.

SEO Checklist – Currently Working Methods
SEO Checklist – Currently Working Methods


What is HARO (Help a Reporter Out)?

This is kind of a matchmaking service for journalists/reporters and people who can speak competently about an issue (Experts). For SEO (search engine optimization) purposes, HARO can be a great way to earn backlinks from high authority news sites/publications also a direct traffic. By answering relevant questions for your niche or industry on HARO, you can have some truly helpful articles published in trusted publications that will most likely link back to the your Website directly to your relevant webpage. It can improve the authority of your website and thus search engine ranks. A popular resource for link-building and PR, HARO is used by many SEO professionals as well marketers.

Why HARO is great for SEO?

  • Backlinks
    Understand that these are good backlinks from good sites and give your site more authority
  • Raising Your Profile
    Getting covered in articles helps get your name out there.
  • Increased Credibility
    Position your branding as a reliable, go-to source for industry expertise.
  • Organic Traffic
    These articles will increase Organic visitors on your site.
  • Network
    Reach out to reporters for meaningful connections.
SEO Checklist – Currently Working Methods


Where can I get HARO Links?

Here are some websites helps you get HARO Links:

– Qwoted
– Sourcebottle
– Editorielle
– Press Plugs
– Help A B2B Writer
– Radio Guest List

Link Insertions

What is a link insertion?

Link Insert or Link insertion is an SEO method that amounts to adding a backlink in truly something of content on a website. You can do this by contacting relevant site owners and editors to add a link back to your website in their existing articles or posts. It very similar to Guest post only difference Guest posts involve creating new content for another website, while link insertion adds your links to existing content on another site.

Why Link Insertions Beneficial?

Contextual Relevance: Links are placed in content that is related to your own, which means they can be more powerful for SEO.

Immediate Results: Utilizing previously indexed pages means quickly establishing SEO advantages.

Authority Building: Unless you start ranking for these established content topics… those valuable backlinks are going to help improve your overall authority.

Traffic Boost: Sends readers from established content to your site, thereby increasing traffic.

Is there any alternative reaching out the site owners?

Answer is Yes Page Ads very own Backbone service both working for Guest Posts and Link Insertion Fully Autonomous.

SEO Checklist – Currently Working Methods

Page Backbone Engine

What is Link Exchanges?

One of the search engine optimization strategies since only two or more web pages agree to provide reciprocal links. When you do reciprocal link exchange, this simply means that each site will help to place a backlink into the other siteand it is believed that not only your search engine rankings are increased but hopefully both sites’ traffic would also be benefitted because of leveraging on one another’s audience. Link exchanges: With the help of link exchange strategies reciprocal backlinks are being obtained between relevant websites which can potentially provide multiple benefits such as increased traffic to your website and better search engine positions.

Image Outreach

What is Image Outreach?

Image Outreach is no longer effective as it used to be reason why Ai image generators and Editor`s like Canva make Image Generation so easy. What you need is actually a rich media. Videos are better choice. I can recommend Page Ads Vidai+ for this task. Text based system converts your text into actionable videos it`s super beneficial for your CTA (Click Through Action) scores.

Image outreach is a kind of SEO technique that one uses to promote and spread the images on various websites or blogs, in order for other bloggers who are creating a content around the same industry you do as well (your niche) would use your image(s) within their blog post itself thereby giving them credibility by providing proper sourced backlinks where they found it from. One of the techniques any SEO performs is image outreach, where you get backlinks from other sites using your images and giving a link credit while at it.


PBN (Private Blog Network)

A PBN, which stands for Private Blog Network, is simply a collection of websites that you or someone else owns. The contraption behind the ” private” part is -(supposedly) when Google checks these and (if they are good enough to check). A PBN ranks high on search query results and contains sites with some appearance of independence, most often random domains purchased for the privilege but actually under control (to a greater or lesser degree) by one individual. It is purely in order to game the algorithms of search engines and boost the authority/ranking profile of said main site.

Benefits of using PBN Networks

  • PBN`s produce backlinks from a dozen or more websites to one site (usually spam), increasing the SEO work.
  • Control – Whoever is controlling the PBN has ownership of all websites in the network.
  • Pretend Sites: These sites usually have fake content to seem real.
  • Using PBN`s is risky – if Google finds out, the sites using these tactics are penalized.
  • SEO Strategy: Of PBN`s Engine optimization imperativeness (Pandas and Penguins from Google) are back!

Check Quickblog for your Own PBN needs from here


SEO Checklist – Currently Working Methods



What is Citation in SEO?

SEO A citation is any mention of your business’s name, address and phone number (NAP) on another Web page. These citations can be in a lot of ways such as:

Business directories Business directory listing such as Yelp, Yellow Pages or Google My Business (GMB)

SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES – On platforms Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter []

Review Sites – Reviews on review sites like TripAdvisor or Angie’s List or Trustpilot is the best option Google Considers GMB ratings is a direct ranking factor beside GMB.

Blogs and Articles: References in blog posts or articles from other websites.

Citations help search engines to verify your business information and improve local ranking. They can also help in improving the visibility and credibility of your business by increasing its online presence.

Avoid citation inconsistency: consistent and relevant citations across multiple platforms basically help in building trust with search engines, as well as potential customers. Google`s localization or Local SEO in this case is super important if a person searching for `Digital Marketing Agencies` Google first show the closest ones also the ones serving in their local language first so localization is super important factor in order to get ranked. In case of you offering a service or product having a restriction on Geographical Factors. Or not selling online services lets call it. Best way to build a SEO strategy for you focusing on localization and keyword and link building in this matter.

Avoiding citation inconsistency also applies for focusing on specific language and keywords, if you spread your keyword strategy to other languages basically Google will confuse which one to rank your keywords or articles.

SEO Checklist – Currently Working Methods

Expert Roundup

An expert roundup is simply a blog post or article that highlights the opinions, insight or advice of many industry experts on specific topic. Although it`s not been effective as it used to be cause review mostly generated fake these days, and the person who share his opinion if it`s not a public figure what difference does it make right? but that being said if it`s coming from a review site`s like Trustpilot or some big media outlet it still have some good credibility.

What is Expert Roundup in SEO?

Essentially, it is the act of finding experts who have expertise in a given subject and emailing them to ask one (or more) questions along with pulling all these responses together into an article. They are super popular in content marketing and SEO as they bring different perspectives on the topic at hand helping to enrich it from multiple angles, which is how great traffics start pouring in.

Here is an example for shoutout written by an Expert:

5 Social Media Engagement Strategies That Work

Having trouble getting visibility on social media? But, you can start using these 5 strategies and improve your social media presence literally overnight!! Each tactic is intended to attract eyes and move drives both engagement, reach – followers. Find out how to make the best use of UGC (User Generated Content) for building trust, connect with your community through interactive polls and stories, and evaluating your performance in order perfecting you strategy. The following pointers have worked wonders for the biggest brands in their respective domain, and they sure can resonate with most of your core audience. Like this: Pass it around to anyone in your network and see the engagement increase on social media. For even more pro tips, give our full guide to social media marketing a gander!

SEO Checklist – Currently Working Methods

Expert Roundup

These methods below considered as third degree SEO techniques so primary focus should be the ones above and these ones below not so effective anymore as it used to be but as a general SEO guide I like to cover it also.


The Skyscraper technique is the process of identifying top performing content, creating something even better and then communicating with those that linked to the original piece to get them aware of your better version. Its also increasing your topical authority. Best way to increase this Page Authority do Off-Page SEO on your article. Focus on that article and try to make better. Instead of writing dozens of article in the same topic.

Broken Link Building

This process, called broken link building, identifies the pages with redirected inbound links in your industry setting up content that can replace an established invalid URL then recommending this to a site owner. In order to check broken links use tools like Semrush, Ahrefs or Majestic SEO spot the broken links and after you spot them disavow them from Google Disavow Tool check how to disavow from here.

Unlinked Mentions

An unlinked mention is when someone mentions your brand or content without linking back to you, and these are links you could potentially acquire by reaching out to the site owner. If its a honest review try to correct problems and re-request a review so in this way you can increase your visitors trust. Believe me solving a problem generates more trust compare to a business have no presence of it. And personally I think that`s the biggest mistake on all businesses, acting like a there is nothing wrong in their business and try to cover up of their faults. As a company we always admit what is wrong since day one instead of lying and make our users uncomfortable and try to solve that problem not occurred again, that`s what make the Page Ads different from any other SaaS companies.


Information in such infographics is presented as a map or chart, making complex data easier to read at a glance and due to this fact these are often used for traffic generation by link builders.
But infographics are outdated or not been effective as it used to be. Instead use Video Explanations like tutorials to attract traffic especially posting on social media will definitely help.

SEO Checklist – Currently Working Methods

Press Releases

Those are called press releases, which let you easily make an official statement to the media to announce something newsworthy about your business so that they provide media coverage and get backlinks from reputable news sites.

Blog Comments

Blog commenting is the act of leaving meaningful, related comments on a blog post with your website link attached that aims to get traffic and possibly backlinks.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0: This is user-generated content platforms like Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr where you can create content and share links back to your site or pages;

Forum Links

Forum Links : As you discuss with people in forums and share ideas or pieces of information, provide your link along there in signature; the links thats issued from online discussion areas is known as forum backlinks.

Profile Links

Profile links are kind of backlinks because they include a URL from your website in the profile section on different platforms (such as social media, forums…)

Automated Links

Automated links: As the name suggests, this is a type of link that are generated via automated tools (or software), usually through mass submissions to directories looks or other websites – and they can put you at risk of getting penalised by search engines.



FAQ`s Digital PR

What exactly is Digital PR vs traditional PR?

A traditional PR focuses on offline media such as newspapers, television, and radio while digital PR concentrates on online channels including websites (articles), social media platforms or influencers.

Then, Why Digital PR For SEO?

High authority backlinks from reputable sources can boost your search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic to your site, while building brand credibility with those who find you in third party media outlets.

What Are The Content Used In Digital PR?

Digital PR typically involves content – like articles, press releases, infographics, videos and guest blog posts used to attract attention and backlinks.

What is the process of Digital PR Backlink Building?

Here are 11 ways to generate the required high quality backlinks, By writing good content: you can then reach out to online journalists and bloggers – or preferred industry influencers who might share your article.

Media Outreach in Digital PR

It is the process of making a connection with online journalists, blogger or influencer that will write an article / mention your content on their website.

Ways in which Social media can aid you in Digital PR?

They are used to share content + engage your audience… ultimately, increasing the chance that it will get shared and linked!

What are brand mentions?

Brand mentions – when your brand is mentioned on the web, but there’s no link back to it. They aid in enhancing brand image and reputation.

How does influencer collaboration work in Digital PR?

Working with influencers to develop and promote content that gets shared.. where it is possible, generate backlinks.

Online Press Releases in Digital PR

Online press releases are a method of getting your newsworthy events, product launches, or major updates published and syndicated by online PR distribution services to attract media coverage as well as backlinks.

What counts as guest blogging in Digital PR?

guest posting powerful articles that bring you exposure and build relationships as well earn backlinks.

1- Digital PR benefits for brand visibility

Increased top-of-funnel by putting your brand in front of them as they read articles online, browse social media feeds and digest influencer content.

But, how do you measure the success of a Digital PR campaign?

Measurable KPIs include the quantity and quality of backlinks, traffic to your website (both raw numbers and mediums), social shares on blogs, brand mentions in articles about you or even improvements in search engine ranking).

FAQ`s Guest Posting

Where Can I Get Find Guest Posting Opportunities?

Ultimately, the way you find guest post opportunities is by looking on other blogs related to your market (search for “write for us” / “guest article guidelines”), searching in various search engines, reaching out and networking with bloggers or influencers.

Where to find guest blogging opportunities in your niche?

Make use of guest post outreach tools, join industry forums or communities and search for blogs that accept guest posts by going through their guidelines or even on social media.

But if you must, here are the guidelines for writing a guest post:

Always consider the guest post guidelines of a blog — most asking for content relevance, uniqueness, and how it provides either or both structure and format.

Do they have word-count and formatting rules?

Yes, blogs will generally stipulate desired word counts along with formatting for things like headings, bullet points and images. Further Steps to Follow For Great Results

Am I allowed to include links within my guest post?

Beautiful – that being said, technically yes you can typically drop some links in the guest post content to help add context or support claims. But be careful not to add more links or non-related.

Can I reference my own website or other resources?

Provided you are not being too self-promotional and that the source is relevant, this can generally be done; but make sure to consider if it adds value for your intended audience before posting. And check with the blogger what their linking policies may beopyright Internet Marketing Ninjas

Guest Posting Post-Submission APPROVED? – Now What?

Submit your guest post and wait for clearance from the blog editor Expect to revise if asked and then on promotion publish this post yourself.

What to expect once I submit my guest post?

Your submission will then be reviewed by the blog editorial team who might suggest revisions to your guest post before scheduling or publishing it.

So, how do I know if my guest posts are successful?

You can keep track of guest posting success by counting traffic to your site from the guest post, engagement (comments, shares), backlinks created and impression on the SEO of your website over all.

Which numbers should I follow to measure the success of my Guest Posts?

Measure referrals from the guest post, conversion rates (if applicable), social shares on target posts targeted by keywords in the top 100 for site targeting that reached out to you, and any domain authority gains.

FAQ`s for HARO

Is HARO free to use?

That being said HARO offers a free subscription it is important to remember just like most things in life the best of something often costs some money (There are premium options)

How do I sign up for HARO?

Go to the HARO website and create a profile as a source, select your areas of expertise and include an answer or description.

How many HARO queries will refer to you?

These are three email digests that get sent out every day by HARO, based on the preferences you have set.

What to Put in My HARO Pitch

Keep the content concise and relevant, as well as informative of what you know – including info about yourself if applicable with a link back to your site.

How do I Get Featured more Often?

Get back to platforms quickly, make your pitch specific to the query and show-off when you have expert experience in line with a journalist’s interests.

Query Type examples:

The questions can be from the fields of, business topics related to finance and tech HealthLife style etc.

How do I measure the effect of my HARO work?

Track your site backlinks, the high quality of traffic along with your mentions using it from famous SEO tools and analytics to deliver you an influence.

FAQ`s for PBN

Why do people use PBNs?

PBN (Private Blog Network): A private blog network of websites, the goal is to boost search rankings faster. They erroneously believe that the more links they can get from other sites, the better their main site will appear to search engines.

Are PBNs legal?

PBNs are not illegal, but they are forbidden by search engine guidelines such as Google. Using a PBN at the risk your site may be penalized and lose its ranking if Google discovers.scheme.

Summary: Dangers of PBNs

The repository of bull QUANTITY The greatest risk is the fact that search engines find out and will punish your website. This will make your website lose rank, in an extreme case – get deindexed from search engine results. Users might also lose confidence in your website.

How are search engines able to spot PBNs?

Search engines want to find answers how the websites are related, who owns them, where they are hosted or what method of creating links is used. That Patterns = PBN.

Can PBNs be used safely?

Many people assume they can get away with using PBNs, and blame them for when things go wrong. Normally, it is advisable to play by the rules and apply safer methods if you want to see your site ranking.

White Hat SEO vs. Black Hat SEO

These rules are guidelines for “white-hat SEO,” which is the level of search engine optimization that follows the terms and conditions, content material feature tips, webmaster suggestions established by using data technology googlebot with a pretty good user experience adheres to instructions. This is what black-hat SEO does, using methods (like PBNs) that are tricks and shortcuts to ultimately game the system.

What Is The Big Process To Get Myself Out Of A PBN Penalty!

Once Google catches your site using a PBN, and it punishes you so that you show up lower in the search results (if at all), then how do we solve the problem? This is where the help of a tool like Google Disavow Tool might come in. From there on, work to improve your own site with strong SEO.

What Other Options Do We Have Than Using PBNs?

So, the fact that your custom 404 page showed up in Google as described above is an indication of just how much that there are so many other things you could be doing to improve rankings on your site – writing great content for the web or reaching out to others online so they link back naturally (or even better by linking into social media! Safe And Sustainable Methods

FAQ`s for Citation

Where to Get the Citations for My Business?

Online business directoriesSocial media profilesReview sitesBlog posts or articles_legal citation representations are different


When your citations are accurate and consistent, it helps put you in the map faster; at least when people Google search for your local business resulting to a better rank compared with poor or inconsistent information established identical credentials elsewhere watching poorer rankings.

What are the different parts of a citation?

NAP – Name, Address and Phone Number are the main elements in a citation which is for your business.

How do I know my references are correct?

Check in regularly to ensure your business information is updated on any platform where you have a listing.

How can improper citations affect my SEO?

That means you had inconsistent or incorrect citations, which can mislead search engines and potential customers en the negative way of your SEO.

But, how many citations is good for my business?

The rule of thumb: the more, the better – especially when it comes either from reputable sources or even a bunch of citations.

Do the citations have to link back to my site?

Even without a link, just the mention of your NAP info is very valuable locally speaking.

Citation sources (e.g. examples)

Some examples of these are Yelp, Google My Business Facebook, Yellow and several other local business directories.

2019), Maybe make a few annotations myself?

If yes, you can add manually your business into a list on different directories and platforms.

Do the cost of citation services pay off?

While paid offerings will save time and give you some level of consistency, it is absolutely critical to choose a reputable provider like Trustpilot.

How Often do I Need to Update my Citations?

Regular updates, especially when any details of your trading change

How do I correct wrong citations?

You should reach out to the website or platform and ask them to make corrections so that your information gets updated.

Are Citations Equally Successful for All Kinds of Business?

Citations are good for all business, particularly local businesses.

FAQ`s for Expert Round

What good is creating an expert roundup going to do?

The content is traffic-generating, SEO-friendly and offers informative industry insights from thought leaders.

How do I get experts to take part?

Look for people working in your industry Open the well-designed listsand on top of that compare their email address, social profiles and other informations from different professional network.

What questions should I ask?

Ask relevant, interesting questions that add value to the conversation and are in line with your subject.

Compiling the responses. 2.

Arrange the responses in a sequence, add bios of experts and make sure that their thoughts are linked to each other via the article.

How To best way to promote your expert roundup?

Social share – tag the experts and encourage them to like & Re-Share.

Can I quote the answers of experts?

For roundups, do make it a point to get explicit permission from experts about using their responses in your roundup.

SEO Four Expert Roundups For SEO And The Benefits Of Using Them

They can also lead to link-building, boost site-wide authority, and drive organic traffic.

FAQ`s for Skyscraper

Where do you get content for this Skyscraper technique?

This is where tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush and BuzzSumo come into play.

What Constitutes a Good Version of Content?

More detailed content, up-to-date data, and enhanced visualizations for better readability.

How do you ask site owners for backlinks?

Write a custom email, explaining how your content is superior and therefore useful for them as well to link back.

FAQ`s for Broken Link Building

How do you find broken links?

You can find broken links on websites relevant to your content using tools like Ahrefs, Check My Links or Screaming Frog.

What kind of content expands a broken link?

Most importantly create relevant, well-informed content that fits the context of where the broken link was pointing to!

Trying to reach out site owners for Broken links

Choose the diplomatic approach and send them an email letting them know their link is broken but your content could be a good substitute.

FAQ`s for Unlinked Mentions

Where do you get unlinked mentions from?

Set Up Alerts: Leverage Google Alerts, Mention or Ahrefs for alerts whenever your brand or content is mentioned anywhere on the Internet.

How to Turn Unlinked Mentions into Backlinks?

Contact the owner, thank them for mentioning you and politely ask it your site could be linked.

FAQ`s for Infographics

So why are infographics effective for link building?

They are very shareable and often attract backlinks from other sites that use them.

So how can you produce a good infographic?

Design visually appealing and informative infographics using tools like Canva, Piktochart.

But how should you promote an infographic for backlinks?

Social media, infographic directories where you can submit them and approaching bloggers or sites on related topics.

FAQ`s for Press Releases

Why would I use press releases for SEO?

They are able to get news syndicated backlinks and provide an overall online presence.

So, what to put in a press release?

Your announcement should state a concise headline, the body of information you wish to provide and include quotes from key individuals. Be sure there is contact info!

So, Where Do You Send Your Press Release?

Try PR newswire, Business wire or Prweb to distribute a press release

FAQ`s for Blog Comments

What is the use of blog commenting?

It can increase website traffic and secure a potential backlink.

Where Can You Find Commenting Blogs?

Use Google or blog directories to find popular blogs in your niche.

What are the Characteristics of good blog comments?

Make your comment something that is pertinent, make it insightful and contributes to the conversation.

FAQ`s for Web 2.0

Benefits of link-baiting on web 2.0 platforms?

You can write articles and place backlinks to your site, which should lead to better search engine rankings.

So what sort of content needs to be created on Web 2.0 platforms?

Generate high-quality, informative content that is useful to your target audience

How frequently should you refresh your Web 2.0 content?

It would help if you kept them updated regularly so that the content will remain fresh and interesting.

FAQ`s for Forum Links

Why are forum links valuable?

They are able to bring in targeted traffic as well as optimizing your website.

How to Find Forums?

Use Google or forum directories to find a few forums in your niche.

  • What not to do when posting in forums
  • Don’t spam, and make sure your contributions are helpful to the conversation.

FAQ`s for Profile Links

Why are profile links useful?

It gives backlinks and can increase your potential visibility.

What are the Profile link creation sites?

Social media channels, forums & professional networks such as LinkedIn.

On your profile, you need to…

I love the images in our GMB – and you can include both an address, phone number with clickable option to call directly from your mobile or details like we have which list what services we offer; complete business contact information (possibly a link back to own site.

FAQ`s for Automated Links

What makes auto generated links dangerous?

Unnatural or spammier tactics could result in penalties from search engines.

When Can You Safely Implement Automated Link Building

Nevertheless, make use of it cautiously and only after verifying that the tools are in compliance with search engine guidelines.

What are the alternatives to automated link building?

Concentrate more on the manual and quality link building practices like Guest blogging, Outreach, Content marketing etc.

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