Google 2024 Search API Leak & Future Prediction for Incoming Core Update


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google 2024 api leak and future core update predictions

Breakdown of the 2024 Google Search API Leak

What the Search API Leak is About?

The leak involves 2,600+ pages of internal Google documentation that reveals how Google’s search algorithm works. This Google algorithm leak is crucial because it determines how websites are ranked in search results, influencing the visibility and success of countless sites. First let`s discuss what is this leak is about with technicals to grasp the situation then we will make a prediction based on the leak for upcoming core update. Please check here also for Spam Policy changes in latest March 2024 Update

Google 2024 Search API Leak & Future Prediction for Incoming Core Update

Google API Leak Example

Highlights from the leaks:

  • Google’s Collected Data: The documents includes Google collects from websites and users also includes Chrome browser data, which contradicts Google’s public statements (They claim data is not being used for determining Ranking and the privacy issues comes also)
  • Ranking Features: There are 2,596 ranking modules with 14,014 attributes. The documents does not specify how these features are weighted but we assume and tested out, same metrics: High quality backlinks, ratio of informational and commercial keyword (%20 Commercial – %80 Informational is recommended), High quality (Unique) content ..If you interested in getting high quality backlinks check backlink gateway also offering users:Google 2024 Search API Leak & Future Prediction for Incoming Core Update
  • Backlink Packages
  • Web 2.0
  • Comment Backlink
  • PDF Backlink
  • Profile Backlink
  • Forum Profile
  • Wiki
  • Bookmarking
  • GSA BacklinkAlso SERP + Site Indexing Tool + Index Checker Integrated on Backlink Gateway
  • Twiddlers and Demotions: Twiddlers can adjust ranking scores. Content can be demoted for various reasons like user dissatisfaction or irrelevant links.
    Check here what effects Demotion on Google.
  • Page Changes: Google remembers every change made to a page but only uses the last 20 changes for analysis which is a huge news reason why DA (Domain Authority) till so far we assumed is a huge ranking factor. Previously generated content is for that given subject is beneficial but overall SEO score comes from latest content.

    How Page Changes Effect your SEO?

    In a good way actually imagine you have an outdated content or previously linked pages normally when you enter a content to website you don`t look back Google knows that apparently so Off-Page SEO unless given huge chances on your site not effecting how supposed to be.

  • Links and Clicks Matter: Link diversity and successful user clicks are still important for ranking.Link Diversity should start from the relevant category then slowly spread out to secondary relevant and goes on…

    Google considers after reaching a certain SEO score, traffic outside of your main category is a good ranking factor: Reason is Google considers your content service or product have a attention even bringing people not interested in your service.

  • Entities and Authorship: Google tracks author information and has a “siteAuthority” score, though it has denied this in recent years.
  • Special Lists: There are whitelists for certain domains (.gov), especially related to sensitive topics like elections and economical updates, Covid-19 etc.
  • Small Sites: Google has features that might boost or demote small personal sites.
  • Freshness and Relevance: Google values freshly written content, looking at various date indicators (Off-Page SEO updates getting more Rank according to Leak). It also checks if the content is a core topic of the website meaning if your content is not relevant to your main topic it`s decreasing factor for Google.

    First 10-15 content of your website must be pointing out the actual subject of your website if your website not talking about economics Google is confused and will not rank your site in suitable category your website in.

  • Titles and Font Size: Page titles and the average font size of terms in documents matter for ranking. That`s why always use the same font size in your site especially for browsing comes from mobile devices are crucial.

Insights and Contradictions

  • Google has been less transparent about using Chrome data and authorship information than it publicly claims. Which showed us these sayings are not entirely true.
  • SEO tactics might need adjustments based on this new information about what Google considers for ranking.

Predictions for Future Google Core Updates
Google 2024 Search API Leak & Future Prediction for Incoming Core Update

Based on the leaked documents, here are some predictions for future Google core updates:

Already started with Google Ai Overviews announced last week check here to learn more

  1. Google will focus more on user experience, like how long people stay on a site and how happy they are with it.
  2. They might share more about how they rank sites to build trust with website owners and SEO`s.
  3. Google could track who writes content better, valuing expertise more in rankings but not counting on this so much ! (Site Authority needs to be high in order to compete.)
  4. Expect them to prioritize fresh content and handle sensitive topics better, which already taken place according to our A.I.D Metrics
  5. They may improve ranking based on how well content fits a site’s main topics also a ranking factor before the leak but it will take more important step in ranking.Why Google doing this?Each crawl and search from users have a cost for Google, so in order to reduce costs Google won`t come back and check your old content all the time, best way to course is checking the latest changes in your site. At the moment we are not sure how this will effect Off-Page SEO and Re-edit content in your site content.
  6. Google might use more signals from outside sources like social media for rankings and apparently they will heavily rely on Browser Data from Chrome. Cookies on the other hand still have the value for Ranking though.
  7. Small sites might get new features to compete better in search results. Which became pretty much impossible according to leak in order to get rank higher you need to get backlinks from High DR or DA in general authoritative websites and content needs to shy, don`t forget your content needs to be unique and comply with useful content update from Google.But can you really blame Google on this one? Artificial Intelligence`s emerging impact on Web and Social effects generated immerse amount of content which basically the same exact thing so Google take a step to eliminate this un-useful content and ranked the actual websites which has traffic and trust. And our prediction as Page Labs , ranking algorithm will take stronger steps into this direction meaning there will be no shortcut in SEO in upcoming days !
  8. Links and user clicks will still be crucial for rankings, with potential changes in measurement.
  9. Google may update how it analyzes page titles and content for better optimization. Or in this case Snippets

    So far we understand from this Leak this much we will update you if we encounter something new along the way.

Emma Turner

Emma Turner

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