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Before diving into technical and real World applications of Marketing Email lets cover the basics if you already a Email Marketing Specialist you can skip the first part.

Email Marketing Basics

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a way of direct communication between your business and prospective customers or existing clients using emails to keep them informed with the latest updates and generate repeat promotions and this whole practice depends on various metrics.

Email Marketing: Why It Matters?

Why? Email marketing allows brands to communicate with their customers, create brand loyalty, make sales by allowing direct communication and tracking of the application and most importantly keep you in touch otherwise not possible. Easiest and frankly less disturbing form of contacting to your clients and shortest form to tell what you wanted to say.

How do I build an email list?

One way is to gather email addresses through sign up forms on your website (Especially Recommended – Cause you targeting the actual relevant audience), or offer discounts or freebies in exchange for an email address- you can also use webinars / events with the intent of gathering emails only, or give incentive smile Another great strategy would be collections emails via social mediapost a landing page that encourages email signup and promote.

List of Strategies for Gathering Email Addresses

Produce a content: Draft all informatics blog and give upfront the info into each visit such as contact form.

Lead magnets: Free e-books in exchange for email

Pop-up forms: use the same tactic; Pop-ups to gain more insight on both.

Create incentives: Provide a promotion for their first purchase upon subscribing.

Social media leverage: Apply social media profiles for promoting your newsletter sign up link.

Create a webinars: Put up your webinar and collect email addresses when people register with their emails.

Landing Pages: Construct separate landing pages making this more informative and a profitable deal for the user to subscribe.

Host contests: or offers and ask for an email entry

Optimize Your Website to Receive Sign-Ups: Make sure sign-up forms are visible on your homepage and blog.

Add sign-up links to email signatures: Embed a link of your newsletter in the footer of e-mails.

Influencer Partnerships :– Work with influencers to endorse your email list using their voice.

You can also use referral programs to reward existing subscribers who share and get their friends to sign up for your list.

Drive subscriptions in the blog: Include subscription benefits within your log content.

Provide special offers: or content that is only available to subscribers.

Go to events and get emails: Get email addresses of people attending a conference or an event in your industry.


Important Aspects Of an Ideal Email Campaign

To get an optimal open rate you need to have things like a strong subject line, personalized text, Clear Call-to-Action (CTA), visuals and of course segmentation. Basically it doesn`t matter how much you spend time and money on your email campaign there are so facts, emailing used to be a one of the main channel for digital marketing but due to rate of Digital Marketing in recent years drops the open rate dramatically. Reason is too many mails being sent from different vendors but providing the same service. And Email companies like Gmail is getting super efficient to recognize the spam email, which we will discuss in a minute.

So, how frequently do I email my subscribers?

How often to email has a lot of different answers, it depends on your audience and should be tailored for your industry or niche; however emailing weekly at the beginning is another good place you can start. Keep an eye on engagement rates – and tweak them as needed.

Here is the recommended Emailing ratio based on the industry

Industry Recommended Emailing Ratio (Per Month)
E-commerce 12-20
Retail 8-12
Travel and Hospitality 6-10
Media and Entertainment 4-8
Non-Profit 2-4
B2B 2-8
Education 1-4
Healthcare 2-4
Financial Services 2-4
Real Estate 1-4

and what is the best open rate in e-mail campaigns?

What is a good open rate will depend on the industry, but in general if you’re getting 15% to 25%, that’s really great also following this rates conversion %1-2 is superb.

What is the solution for higher email open rates?

Write irresistible subject lines and personalize emails to boost open rates, always ensure you are sending at the best times your list is active, and make sure that those receiving the email know what they should expect from opening it by recognizing who sent them.

Email segmentation, and why it matters?

Simply put, email segmentation is the act of breaking up your list into smaller groups on a specific criteria (for instance: gender) Why it matters: Because personalized and targeted content that is more relevant to your audience leads to higher engagement.


Email segmentation rates will be different depending on the goals and industry it has been used within, but as a general guideline, your targets should look to have genders patched up for at least:

30-50% of your email list that you have segmented for better campaigns, more targeted member Of x Campaign

An increased segmentation rates can result in more engagement, higher open-rates and ultimately a better conversion. Crisp: Instead, keep an eye on those segments and improving them as needed over time to ensure they remain useful.

Prevent your emails from being marked as spam?

Maintain Relevance: Use a Sender with Recollection Factor Be Clear and Candid in Group Forging Avoid Promotional Tone Ensure Content is Value Added to the Receiver

Page Ads Envelope (Marketing Email Service) – Uses A.I.D SERS Module meaning closely monitoring Spam Score ratio and controls email sending frequency and manages to prevent increase spam score ratio.

Which Email Metrics Should I Track?

Some of the comparisons listed below due to their priority in Email Marketing , which one you should focus more:

Metric Importance Priority
Open Rate 20%
Click-Through Rate (CTR) 20%
Conversion Rate 15%
Bounce Rate 10%
Unsubscribe Rate 10%
List Growth Rate 5%
Email Sharing/Forwarding Rate 5%
Overall ROI 10%
Spam Complaint Rate 2%
Engagement Over Time 1%
Device and Email Client Usage 1%
Delivery Rate 1%

Email A/B Testing

By sending two different versions of an email to small parts of your list and seeing which has a better open rate, click rate, or conversions.

Easily Boost Your Email CTR

Improve CTR by adding convincing CTAs, optimizing for mobile viewing and content personalization encouraging visual experience – also create pop-up email copies.

The Dos and Don’t of email designing.

Good practices to add are clean design and using a responsive layout, make the layout simple, be consistent with colours you use for CTA button have text in image links optomise all images used alt attributes.

Should I buy list of emails for my PPC campaigns?

Using bought email lists is never a good option because it will result in high bounce rates, low engagement, and possible spam complaints — which can damage your sender reputation.

Which are the common mistakes in email marketing?

Some of the common mistakes are = Not segment your audience Sending too much emails or very less Using Spamming Subject Line Neglecting Mobile Optimization Lack In Performance Tracking And Analysis

What success metrics should I be measuring for my email marketing campaigns?

Evaluate your successes based on critical, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as open rates, click-through-rates’ conversion and compared to standards/preferences in the specific industry.

What are drip campaigns?

Automatic sequence of emails sent with respect to predefined timeline or user behavior are termed as Drip campaigns in marketing. They foster your leads and take them down the sales funnel.

Email personalization… what do you mean?

Use their name and segment your audience to personalise emails, content for each group or sending behaviour-driven marketing.

Email Marketing & GDPR

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a regulation that requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens. When it comes to email marketing, this means getting consent from users before sending emails and making them easy for recipients to unsubscribe from.

How do I get more email subscribers naturally?

You can build your list in a organic way with good quality content, deliver value offers, and take the addresses of social networks the best promotion… People are naturally curious… if you have some valuable really share that people will want to know more about what his address.

Difference between hard bounce and softbounce.

A soft bounce is emitted when an email cannot be delivered for a non-permanent reason (like the mailbox being full), and hard bounces are raised by emails that do not see deliverance due to permanent reasons. A soft bounce occurs because of a temporary issue, e.g., the recipient has an overloaded mailbox or his mail server is otherwise out of service.

How Do I Scrub My Email List?

Regularly Time to clean your email list would be the best practice for removing those inactive subscribers, hard bounces and duplicate emails. Before removing, check for interest from inactive subscribers with re-engagement campaigns.

What are autoresponders?

An autoresponder is a series of emails sent out in response to specific events like when someone subscribes to your list, or purchases something.

What Are Powerful Email Subject Lines?

Tips for writing successful subject lines would be to make them short, clear and straight-to-point as possible, include the recipient’s name in it when sending your blast or announce campaign (You will improve opening by 10-14% on average), use action-based verbs that imply they must do something; click here if you feel brave or a double-tap wait someone is Googling now…in any case act fast. Or at very least avoid unwanted words such FREE – WIN etc(False sense of winning) this spam word has Phishing written all over Surely Facebook..!

Definition: Transactional Emails

Transactional Email: Automated messages sent in response to specific user actions, such as Confirmations Password resets Shipping notifications

Parsing The Relevance Of Mobile Optimization In Email Marketing.

Mobile Optimisation – Since nearly 50% of all emails sent are opened on mobile, ensuring that the email is easily readable and clickable) Make sure your email is responsive featuring readable font sizes, neatly designed CTAs and images.

What is email deliverability?

Simply put, email deliverability is exactly as it sounds – the phenomenon of having your emails delivered to their intended inboxes. It is affected by factors such as a sender reputation, email content and how the recipient interacts with emails.

Solution to: How can I fix Email deliverability?

Keep your email list clean, use a trusted Email Service Provider (ESP), personalise your content and message to subscribers directly, steer clear of spammy language, and encourage engagement.

Email Marketing Automation Tools/What is Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation tools are designed to help users set and send friendly, relevant emails more efficiently. Mailchimp, HubSpot and ActiveCampaign

What is the CAN-SPAM Act?

The CAN-SPAM Act is a law that sets the rules for commercial email, establishes requirements for commercial messages, gives recipients the right to have you stop emailing them and spells out tough penalties for violations.

How an Email Marketing Funnel Works?

Definition: An email marketing funnel is a drip campaign, essentially a series of emails that are automatically sent to someone on your mailing list.

How Do I Create Engaging Email Copy?

Craft Click-Worthy Email Copy By Knowing Your Audience, Being Conversational & To The Point, and Including A Strong CTA.

What is a double opt-in?

By definition, a double opt-in is just that – an instance where subscribers are asked to confirm their subscription twice: once through signup and then again by clicking the confirmation link in a follow-up email. This results in better leads and higher engagement.

Email Marketing Performance Metrics?

Measure performance: I used to use open rates, click-through rates (CTR), conversion rate, bounce rate AND UN seem & ROI. New email marketing platforms offer advanced analytics and reporting for your campaigns.

When to Send Emails?

When it comes to the ideal time for posting emails, that depends on your audience and other variables (like what you are trying to achieve of course) but generally mid-week/ mid-morning – 10 AM is a great time or afternoon-2 PM.

What is a good call to action (CTA)?

Create a strong CTA with action verbs, be concise and specific in what you would like the user to do once they done reading your email or interacted further within it.

Promotional vs. Informational emails

Promotional emails are those that sell goods, offer deals or discounts; informational includes newsletters, updates and educational material.

What about dealing with email unsubscribes?

User UnsubscribesFor these users, design the process of unsubscribing to be as simple and direct as possible but why they want to unsubscribe from receiving further messages also ask which you can use then for future email marketing campaigns.

What is an email whitelist?

Whitelist Email: Whitelist emails are a list of preapproved email addresses or domains that can send you the mail and it will not be marked as spam.

What do I say to my old inactive subscribers?

Win back dormant subscribers by marketing re-engagement campaigns, promoting exclusive offers, seeking suggestions of fanatics and communicate the gain they will miss on in them staying signed up.

How does email marketing involve personalization?

Personalisation is the practice of crafting emails so they are personalised to each subscriber and based on their preferences, behavior, and past interactions that drive higher engagement and conversion rates.

What are lead magnets?

Lead magnets are a form of incentive landing page used to convert visitors into subscribers or leads, often given away in exchange for them providing contact info such as an email address.

So how do you use social proof in email marketing?

Leverage social proof (customer testimonials, reviews, case studies) or spotlight user-generated content to establish credibility and trust with your audience.

But before we go further, what does an email drip campaign mean?

An email drip campaign is a predefined series of emails that are sent to an individual or group based on specific actions and stages in the customer journey.

Although social media marketing is now an almost standard medium to promote products, it might not always be as effective. benefits of using email vs otherwise.

Email marketing means that you get direct access to users, which helps companies achieve higher conversion rates as well better tracking and analytics compared with promotional tools like banner advertising. This type of campaigns allow businesses to put focus into creating more personalized content, something they cannot afford when working on large scale or within different verticals through the same campaign.

Q – So, what am I supposed to do when writing my emails so that they can be read by everyone?

Use descriptive alt text for images, readable fonts in your email design, provide a plain-text version of the email alongside HTML content (using p-tags), and make sure there is enough color contrast.

Email marketing platforms which I am using Best Results?

Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Sendinblue, HubSpot and ActiveCampaign are few popular platforms that include automated features as well such Analytics options along with integration plugins. But best one is Page Ads Envelope (Built-in Private Marketing Server)

Zero to Hero – Marketing Email Guide

Page Envelope

Top 5 Tips on Defining an Email Marketing Strategy What does a good strategy for email marketing look like?

Develop a plan that sets goals, targets an audience, constructs your email list and content, plots the calendar out as well as is constantly testing & optimizing your campaigns.

Part 2: Welcome Email Series

A welcome email series is a set of emails crafted and delivered to new subscribers so they can get familiar with your brand, establish expectations regarding the future engagement between you and them.

How to Write More Engaging Emails

Use Different Forms of Interactive Content: Use polls, quizzes, GIFs, videos and personalized content in your emails to make it more engaging based on the interests or needs of your target audience.

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