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how to speed up backlink indexing time

In this guide: I will share our findings on Backlink Indexing data we tested out and discover, data comes directly from Page CMS / A.I.D metrics meaning we get the results over 10.000+ websites we operate in help with Page CMS.

How to index my backlinks on Google in just one hour?

Only way to index your backlinks naturally, Google News registered website needs to publish your links in the articles they published. Google News websites have a priority on Indexing. Due to nature timely manner of the article. (If they index late – Websites not getting traffic properly and this effect web search experience)

Speed Up Google Indexing for Your BacklinksSpeed Up Google Indexing for Your Backlinks

You can register your website to Google News or It`s been called Publisher Center from here

Now lets talk about a case study of the Indexing Timeframe ( Data Taken from Page A.I.D – Page Metrics )

  • Google Indexing Time: Typically takes between 2-14 Days ( Last Statistic 05.06.2024 )
    If you have well established website here is the detailed guide for optimum Indexing timeframe.
  • Dofollow Link: A backlink from a site with DA (Domain Authority) of 9 helped indexing in 3 days. (Only one link pointing out the Website)Speed Up Google Indexing for Your Backlinks
  • Traffic Increase: Traffic climb from 20 to 170 visitors (Same Month)
  • Improved Rankings: The post ranked well and for multiple keywords, some keywords what supposed to rank didn`t ! due to Keyword Difficulty we assume.

    Value of Link Building: Have a direct correlation on Keyword Ranking and Organic Traffic Increase

Factors Effecting Indexing Time

  • Website Size: Larger websites with more pages usually take longer to index reason is Crawl Rate Limit. Meaning Google and other Search Engines have a  Daily Quota to scan your site.
  • Frequency of Content Updates: Regularly updated websites getting crawl more.

    Why is that ? 

    Reason is Google recognize your site as generating updated and USEFUL ! information next to your competitors.Backlink Ping method no longer working ! in fact when Google detects ping attemps devalues your rank.
  • SEO Optimization: Websites that are well-optimized with proper keyword placement (Relative to your main website Category), high-quality content (Actual information help readers, mobile optimization (Check Search Console Insights), and strong backlinks tend to get indexed faster.Speed Up Google Indexing for Your BacklinksLearn how to use Google Search Console with Off-Page SEO Tools from here
  • XML Sitemaps: Providing an XML sitemap helps search engines find and index your pages more efficiently.

    Speed Up Google Indexing for Your Backlinks

    Google GSC

  • Server Performance: Websites with efficient server response times get indexed more quickly.
  • Domain Authority (DA):
    • High DA sites: Faster indexing (1-3 days).
    • Low DA sites: Slower indexing (2 weeks to 3 months).DA means Domain Authority but there are other metrics also can be considered as Indexing Factor , access the other metrics from here.
  • Type of Link:
      • Dofollow Links: Pointing a website directly with a link – Compare to Nofollow links %86 more effective
      • Nofollow Links: Only name is mentioned (ABC Marketing) but there is no link pointing out – Compare to Dofollow links %14 effectiveSpeed Up Google Indexing for Your BacklinksWhen to use Dofollow and Nofollow links ?If you don`t want to share or give rank to another website yet you need to mention the counterpart you can use Nofollow links. Many webmaster does this as a SEO tactic.
        Nofollow links are not pointing out to other site but its been beneficial for `Keyword Recognition for your website or brand, more time `keywords` repeat itself online Google rank you more and keep in mind Nofollow links are not considered as Negative Ranking factor even with their amount compare to Dofollow links.According to Research appropriate Dofollow Nofollow rate should be:
      • %70-80 Dofollow
      • %20-30 Nofollow

On your website backlink profile.

Indexing Timeframes

High DA Dofollow Quick Indexing (1-5 Days)
High DA Nofollow May never be crawled
Low DA Dofollow Slow Indexing took (2 Weeks to 3 Months)
Low DA Nofollow Could never be indexed


How to index profile backlinks?

Here are the few steps you can try for Indexing Profile Backlinks?

What is a profile backlink ?

A profile backlink is a link to your website placed within a user profile on another site (mostly forum Websites),  or social media profiles like Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Youtube etc.

How effective the profile backlinks?

We can say moderately effective, compare to article backlink.

What is the gain or the point of getting profile backlinks?

Legitimizing your website as a real website. Which has interactions and users to show for. So search engines can recognize your website as a more solid source of information.

What should be the amount of Profile Backlink in general link profile ?

Not more than 2-4% (In your whole incoming backlinks) due to latest changes in ranking algorithms.

Are Profile Backlinks considered as Dofollow or Nofollow Links?

Both essentially, in fact Twitter being used for Indexing process with this method (Opening an account for the keyword you want to Index) Ex: @Best_Coffee_Machines

Here are the few tips for building profile backlinks :

  • Use Google Search Console:
    • Submit your links to Google Search Console here is how to submit your link to GSC.
      Speed Up Google Indexing for Your Backlinks
  • Share on Social Media:
    • Post your profile backlink on platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Quora.Speed Up Google Indexing for Your Backlinks
  • Post on Your Website:
    • Add the profile backlink to a page on your own website.Speed Up Google Indexing for Your Backlinks
  • Use Third-Party Indexing Tools:
    • Try tools like Page Indexer to notify search engines about your profile backlinks.Speed Up Google Indexing for Your Backlinks
  • Get High-Authority Backlinks:
    Try to get backlinks from high-authority websites or use expired domains to use existing rank on Search Engines, these method is super effective for indexing your profile backlinks.How to use expired domains for link indexing ?Expired domains contains or referred already with existing backlinks so when you re-instate or give 301 Redirect to your link, Google recognize your profile backlink as a destination for this link wheel and Index your profile backlink very quick.Just make sure expired domains these metrics before doing your SEO work.

    Speed Up Google Indexing for Your Backlinks

    Expired Domain Marketplace


How can I speed up indexing of a new webpage to Google and what are the alternative Indexing Methods?

First answer coming into my mind obviously place your link High DA – PA webpages and do Cross Sharing with Social Media etc.

But there is a permanent solution for this building your own network of sites and whenever you need to Index your article you just need to give some backlinks to your Webpage. In order to create a PBN network you need a AutoBlog Generator Tool (Quickblog) like Page Ads offers. Autoblog generators helps you building links fully automated. Quickblog featured also with Backlink and Indexer Module. So more SEO templates can be deployed in any category you want.

Speed Up Google Indexing for Your Backlinks


How can I index external links in Google?

Same methods we using for Backlink Indexing goes for Profile Backlink Indexing too. To Index external links in Google, make sure you placing links in High DA websites in same category with your website (Ex:Digital Marketing) and cross share them on Social Media.

What is Cross Sharing ?

Speed Up Google Indexing for Your Backlinks

When you give a link from Social Media Post to your website, you also give link from your website to same social media post.

How to index my backlink on off-page SEO?

Same methods been described above can be used in off-page SEO backlink indexing, also please check this guide 

How to index my guest post backlinks sooner and instantly?

When it comes to guest posts, supposedly guest post websites have a high authority and indexing rate but in any case it`s up to Google to rank the algorithm unfortunately many guest posts and article writer heavily using Ai written content in their articles so it`s not the websites authority preventing but the article does. If you bumping into a problem like this I recommend using a Backlink Indexer Service like Page Ads offers you can register from here to use right away.




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