Best Backlink Indexer Tools & Indexing Methods Comparison


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best backlink indexers and indexing methods comparison

Lets break down the best Backlink Indexers for your SEO efforts but before comparing them lets learn how the effectiveness changes due to their indexing methods on Google.

Best Backlink Indexer Tools & Indexing Methods Comparison

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Are there any free working backlinks indexer tools?

Yes they are free indexing tools like Google Search Console (GSC) but beside helping you manage to submit your backlinks there isn’t much help from the GSC.

So you need a Paid Indexing Service if you dealing with higher volume of webpages or websites. Especially working with time based or content driven websites.

Here are the detailed guidelines for Indexing if you Using GSC or other free Indexing Methods.

Here are the other tools offer backlink tracking services

SEMrush, Ahrefs, Majestic, and Moz and much more services offers free trials for backlink analysis.

What about Paid Indexers and are they effective ?

Most indexing tools are working but there are several differences as a working method if you comparing them.

Here are the Backlink or Website Indexing Methods on Search Engines:

Methods Effectiveness
RSS Feeds %26
Social Link Placement %34
Web 2.0 Site Link Placement ( Most Common Use ) %51
Sitemap Placement %37
301-302 Link Redirection %60


Data Generated via Page CMS – Pagemetrics (A.I.D)

But not every indexer born equally some services uses techniques with lots of spammy backlink sites or thousands of posts driven comments. Eventually those indexed websites getting de-indexed so Quality of the Backlink Indexing relies on multiple factors in order to stayed indexed.

Factors for stayed Index on Google

  • Referring Link  Quality and Authority.
  • Referring sites DA PA DR Scores.
  • Referring Links Category. (If they in the same category.)
  • Content Quality and Uniqueness.
  • Cookies and General Guidelines website follows.

What is the best backlink indexer tool?

Here is the biggest comparison of Backlink Indexer Tools or Website Indexing Services as many people called it for your SEO success.

Indexer Tool Index Rate
Page Indexer %96
Omega Indexer %85
Indexmenow %83
Elite Link Indexer %82
GIndex %76
Instant Link Indexer %75
Link Processor %72
Backlink Tool %71
Linkbox Pro %68
One Hour Indexing %67
Linklicious %52
Instant Backlink Indexer – Tool Station %41
Indexceptional %37
GIGA Indexer %37
Add to Index %36
Links Indexer %35
IndexInject %23
Speed Links %17
UltimateIndexing %5
SmartIndexer %2

Data Tested with same website with different articles.

Keep in mind that Indexing ratios are varies depending on indexing technique and network being used in the indexing process. So performance of the indexing could be different if another content being tested out also.

According to comparison Page Indexer is the best Indexing Ratio with one simple reason Page Ads programmatic network of sites being build and operate by Page Ads more than 10.000 Websites from all categories gives users adequate access to best Linking with possible best content categories.

Which is the best free tool for indexing a link of a site?

All free Indexers are just adding  your site to spammy network of websites. And this make your website maybe indexed but in short period of time they will getting de-indexed and your site overall getting ranked on Google and other search engines as a spam website.

Good Indexing services cost money but as Page Indexer we offering for Black Hat World Users free trials (10 Indexer Credit) so you can tested out for free and decide afterwards to use the service. In order to get the credits register to Black Hat World Website and search for Page Indexer in the website and request “Review Copy“ for your Page Ads account if you don`t have one you can create from here.

Best Backlink Indexer Tools & Indexing Methods Comparison

What is the most popular free backlink index tool?

It is obvious that Google Search Console is the best free backlink index tool in the world. Cause you are dealing directly with Google Search and have the option to submitting sitemaps and Disavow (Telling Google you don’t accept some incoming backlinks to your website and you don’t want to be evaluated by those backlinks.)  backlinks you need GSC anyway for your SEO efforts.

Here is the detailed guide for how to Google Search Console with other webmaster (Off-Page) tools properly ?

When it comes to free backlink indexing tool we gonna cover in the upcoming articles but it would be nice to mention that at the moment :

Linkedin is a great indexing tool when it comes to free also the twitter but due to high Domain Rating and articles coming out from linkedin mostly with business purposes and good materials. Google rank the Links coming out from Linkedin very frequently. You need to create a Linkedin Page for that and start publishing from there not from your actual account. Linkedin Pages by default for publications and their tags are more suitable for SEO ranking on Search Engines.

Another free trick is Image for your article is published on Pinterest and using that image link and insert into your Linkedin Post as a image source. Is super efficient.

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